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                              IOTA EU-023              MALTA ISLAND              WAZ 15


My name is Paul and I am 43 years old. I am married to Julie and we have two daughters        Roberta  15 and Daniela 12. We also have a pet named Rex.  I began the hobby with a Danita Mark5 a cb radio and I also began      to make several qso's around Europe on the cb band. I was very happy with this hobby and I also went to Malta Amateur Radio League and from there I began to study to become a Ham operator.    I began studying in August 2002 and in December 2002 I sat for    the exam that I passed . From there I began to study morse and in March 2003 I made the    exam and I also was positive with the cw exam. I was very happy that I passed the RAE and from there I looked forward and I am very active on the HF Bands. Now I am retired from work  after 25 years of service in the Armed Forces of Malta Band that I play the Tenor Trombone and I also use to play solo's in special occasions.

My Qth is Lija which is situated in the central part of Malta . It is a small town with  approximately 3000 people and I am the only Ham in my qth. Lija is also very known for the feast of Jesus the Savior and also very known for the fireworks 1 - 2